Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Record My Screen on Mac How to Record My Screen on Mac Get Screenflow here: ======== Are you wondering how I record my screen on my mac? If you have been wanting to record your screen like I do then you will want to watch this tutorial. I use a program called Screenflow. You can purchase Screenflow here: Watch this tutorial on how to record my screen on mac or share it here After you download the program it is very simple to do. You go to File, New and go to New Recording. Make sure the settings are all se to record from your web cam, your mic is all set up and hit the red button to record. After you are done recording you can hit the icon on the top of your navigation bar of your computer and hit stop recording. Or you can hit shift,command,2 at the same time to stop the recording. The editing dashboard of screenflow will pop up and you can start editing your video. I will not go into editing in this tutorial. I do want to suggest you investing in your new skill and check out Screenflow Hero to learn how to edit your videos like a HERO! Learn from a pro who has been editing hollywood films in less than 90 minutes. They also have updates on the latest version of screenflow. Get it here now! =================== Connect with me on: Facebook Twitter: Blog: Stacia Kennedy

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