Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Rank YouTube Videos on Google How To Rank YouTube Videos on Google Who wants to learn how to rank youtube videos on google? You will learn that the first step is getting in front of more people. If done correctly the you will learn how to get in front of the right people, prospects or target market. In other words the people who are hungry for your product or service. People who are searching for you! FREE YouTube Lead Generation Training FREE YouTube Video Upload Checklist ============================== Where do people search for answers? I'll tell you they aren't asking Jeeves anymore (internet side joke). They are GOOGLing It! If my son has a tough question or needs help with his homework I tell him "GOOGLE It". I know bad parenting. Well you know I don't know everything. The 2nd thing someone might do is use the 2nd most popular search site which is also owned by Google, "YouTube". As I mentioned in my last post here. In doing some research I found a few statistics for you... Having video on your website makes it 53 times more likely to show up on Google Video causes people to stay longer on your site by an average of 2 minutes Video is shared 1,200% more than photos and texts combined Emails with videos get 50% more clicks compared to emails without video I hope this gives you an idea of how you can rank your videos. If not I am going to spell it out for you right now. How To Rank YouTube Videos on Google Create a Title that has "Keywords" that people are searching for In your video say the title or keyword you want to rank for in your video at the beginning and through out the video. Not too much but clearly state what the video is about and of course at the end of the video. Google can hear you! haha. The words you say in the video can be found behind the scenes and then used when people search. Transcribe your video to help the search engines hear what you said in your video from step 2 you can give it a boost by transcribing your video and submitting it before you upload your video to YouTube. In the Description make sure to include the Title of your video with your "keywords". Start of the description to a link to your website or capture page. Include a a few sentences about the video. You have about 5,000 characters in the description area so make use of it. If possible I basically take the transcription or summary of my video and include it in the description. Tags make sure to add tags that are related to your video Before you upload the video make sure to Title the file of your video with the keyword you are ranking for. Share your YouTube through out all of your social media platforms. The more likes, shares, and comments you have the more likely you will rank faster. Embed your video on your website. This will help rank your website and the video faster as well. Don't forget to email your video to your list to get more views. Again more views, more likes, shares and embeds the better! These are not in any particular order these are the things to keep in mind to rank your YouTube videos on Google. I wrote up a FREE Checklist for you to keep before you upload videos to YouTube. You can download it here "YouTube Video Upload Checklist!" ============================================= If You Haven't Started Your YouTube Channel Yet, Want to Start Doing Videos to Attract More Business, Sign up for this FREE Training If you enjoyed this post on How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google, retweet and comment please Connect with me on: Facebook Twitter: Stacia Kennedy

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