Monday, April 4, 2016

3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day 3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day ====================== Are you looking for easy things you can do for your online business? Do you wake up and wonder what the hell should I be doing? I have definitely been there. I get so many ideas and then get a little overwhelmed. But, what I realized is that we make things more complicated then it really is. One of my mentors gave me 3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day, that I will share with you in today's post. 3 Easy Things Successful Online Marketers Do Each Day 1. Get Your Message Out Into The World Share your message out into the world. There are several ways you can do this. I am sharing it with you here by writing this blog post. I will also create a video that you may see below or somewhere on this page. What is your message? Share what is on your heart and what you truly believe to be true! Be authentic! Don't worry about what you think they want to hear. Think about what you they actually need to hear from you right now to help them achieve success, help them take action towards their goals. Ways you can share your message... It could be a teaching type of "How-to" or "5 ways to do" post. Create a Video Blog post. (My Favorite Marketing Strategy) You can create an audio or podcast to share your message. You can use Audacity to record your voice into audio files You could take your videos download the audio and re-purpose them by turning them into audio files. You can upload your audio files to SoundCloud or a new app I found called Anchor where you can record your voice and people can follow and reply back to your message. It's really cool! "Focus on creating something of value and do it daily. " -StaciaKennedy 2. Sell Something! or Offer Something of Value At the end of your blog post, video or any other medium you used to get your message out sell something. You can give people a call to action to your offer. Types of Offers... This can be a paid offer or a call to action to a list building Opt-in, free call, or invite to a Facebook group etc... "Sell from honesty integrity & compassion. Not about a hard sell it's about a heart sell" -EricLofholm " 3. Grow Your Community Think of ways you can grow your community. This is kind of a combination of task #2. Create something you can use to grow your community. How do you grow your community? You can create a Freebie Create a Facebook Group to support, inspire and engage your community. You could create a Facebook Ad to your list building offers, or a Free Ebook, etc. Create Facebook or Instagram Posts that engage, entertain or give more value. I saw this great quote... "Communities already exist. Think about how u can help that community do what it wants to do." -Mark Zuckerberg With that said create things of value to serve your community. Doesn't that sound pretty easy? I put these 3 things in my mind and on paper everyday and I hope they help you grow your online business. Are up for the challenge of doing these 3 things daily? Let me know in the comments below... ========== Did you like this video? Please like and share it or here Connect with me on: Facebook Twitter: Blog: Stacia Kennedy

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