Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Create a YouTube Custom Thumbnail How to Create a YouTube Custom Thumbnail Get My YouTube Video Upload Checklist Want to learn how to create a custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos? You will want to create a YouTube Thumbnail for your videos so that your video stands out from the crowd. People will see what your video is about by scanning your video and will most likely want to click on it if they can see it clearly. You can also brand yourself using a better photo. I use to create a Youtube Custom Thumbnail. Canva has free templates and they have a Youtube Thumbnail template with the correct size. Download your image and when you are done you can upload it to your YouTube video as you are uploading the video or after in the youtube editor. Want more tutorials like this to generate more leads and sales using social media and video marketing check it out here Watch this video again click here or us this link Connect with me on: Facebook Twitter: Stacia Kennedy | Social Media and Video Marketing Training

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